Sunday 26 February 2012

Welcome to Georgethecarguy

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” - A. Karr.

As technicians (not mechanics anymore!) we’re faced with new and ever-changing technology that needs diagnosing, repairing and replacing. What a crazy and somewhat unrealistic demand. Social philosophy (a.k.a. customer expectations) combine with that to really put us behind the eight ball.

So, what to do? Remember the past, is what I say. Because nothing really has changed in the way things work. Only in the way we look at things.

I’m a technician, high school shop teacher, writer and now an automotive technical trainer who always keeps referring to things from the past, applying them to the day’s cars. I try to make things simple because it really is. So I’m resurrecting a number of articles I wrote a long time ago to show how far the industry has come – or not – in the last generation. Current themes and innovations will be mixed in too. So will how-to’s and other stuff.

Most of all, to be a great technician, or a great customer keep a sense of humour and remember that there are a million ways for the car to fail and only one way to get it to run right. What are the chances?


  1. Looking forward to some interesting blogs and discussions.

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