Sunday 4 March 2012

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

There have certainly been some interesting cars made around the world in the last hundred years or so. 

Some, like the three wheeled Reliants and Bonds made in England skirted tax laws. Three wheels were taxed as motorcycles and four as a motorcar. Others, like the German Messerschmitt must have been made solely to use up spare aircraft parts. Japanese tax laws used an engine size of 360cc as a cut point resulting in some tiny 4 wheeled shoe boxes that were at least stable in corners.

The handle in the back is to turn it around!

Then there were some cars that were just plain ugly. Like the Pontiac Aztec. Or the AMC Pacer. 

So my question is: In your opinion, what is the ugliest car you can think of?


  1. I can fully agree with the Pontiac Aztec, but the Pacer, I don't think so. You had to own one to appreciate the smooth ride, great visibility and roominess. I found it to be a great car. I thought the Studebaker was ugly. I thought the DKW three cylinder two stroke to be the worst thing to come out of Europe.

  2. While the Aztec is certainly ugly I am going to go with the Suzuki X-90.

  3. I agree that the "Bullet Nose" Studebaker was an ugly car as was the Nash Metropolitan , but I wonder if I had been in my late teens when those cars were new what would I have thought of them.As for the Pacer it was just one of the ugly cars AMC made at that time.They also had the Matador and the Gremlin.I also thought that Toyota Previa van of the 90s was ugly inside and out.Some cars are just ugly because of their concept,take the Peel P50 made in the 60s on the Isle of man ,it still holds the record as the smallest car to go into production.You know its going to be ugly.For new ugly cars my vote would go to Nissan who make both the Cube and the Juke,two ugly vehicles.My test for ugly cars is if my wife and I both start laughing out loud when we see it.Its Ugly!

  4. How about the infamous edsel line up? or the pt cruiser?

  5. 1995 Mazda 323 (the Mini AMC Pacer Fishbowl).... yeah George its me one of your Mazda Guys!

  6. How about 1958-59 GM cars, or maybe All 1958 US cars?